Akriti is a young woman from Nepal. She’s 17 years old and, as a highly committed feminist, she is the first English-speaking contributor to Women of the World.

Hi,  I am from Nepal. My name is Akriti Ghimire. I am 17 years old. I am in grade 12. I study computer science. I am a normal teenager who live a small home with her family. I belong to a lower middle class family. 

I have been bullied for my whole life until I enter in class 11. I am just another victim of patriarchy. When I say I am a victim of patriarchy that doesn’t mean that I have been threatened for being a woman. I have been facing a lot of problems or difference just because I am a girl. I can’t do late night job. I can’t wear short clothes. It’s a necessity that I should get married before I turn 25.  Whether I get married or not is not my choice.  Womanhood is only about becoming a mother. Rape is blamed on women and so much more. Even my virtual inbox is not safe, as I get threatened of rape and a lot more.  

There are many things which I consider as my dreams but I don’t know if they are really my dream or a self will to prove my parents or society wrong that women can do anything. I want to provide a lot of information about feminism in Nepal. Feminism in Nepal is primarily concerned with equity and equality of opportunity. Much like western world in the past, in Nepal women are treated poorly in every aspect of our society. Whether it is socially, politically, or economically, we have been avoided and mistreated. Our limit have been set for household works only.  This perspective is not just in uneducated people’s mind, well educated people also think that way. According to the census of 2011/2012 there are only 33.2% women in parliament and 80.4% women are in labour work. Being an women in Nepal is a nightmare keeping you from a large number of opportunities.  

Everyday I have to face lot of questions because I think that a girl and a boy should be treated equally. People think it’s a nightmare that I want to fulfill my life as a feminist. My dreams are too big ! I want to be an activist for women, for animals. I want people to believe that women and men are equal, that menstruation is a normal thing. Every month women are treated differently because of their period ! I want to be a part of the necessary change : in my family, but also in the society, the nation and the world. I want to change the point of view from which our society see us as a women. My dreams are slightly different from what a general girl is usually dreaming in Nepal. I want to visit many countries. I want to become different. 

Thank you.



Akriti, on October 7th, 2020

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