What’s Women of the World, exactly ?

The project aims to increase women’s visibility and empower their voices. Ultimately, Women of the World aims to be a platform for sharing solidarity and feminism, so that each story and testimony can inspire and impact readers. The overall mission of the association is to create a caring community to help women realize and develop their potential.

How can I contribute ?

The two projects currently in place are restricted to people who identify as women. Non-binary people or people with more fluid identities can also contribute, as long as they don’t have a problem being associated with (but not exclusively) the female gender.

There are two possibilities for involvement:

– Submit a personal story, on the subject of your choice. You will find examples in the portraits section. The text is ideally more than 500 words. If you are interested, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page!

– Submit a magazine article, scientifically oriented and including a bibliography and solid sources. The text is ideally more than 800 words. You can send it directly to direction@women-of-the-world.org !

As you can see, this project would not exist without you! Feel free to write to us if you wish to submit a story.

Contact Us

For example, you can suggest artworks that Women of the World would promote, or improvements that would benefit the project.
Please enter the subject of your story or the body of your suggestion. The Women of the World team will get back to you shortly.