International Workshop on Gender Equality

co-organised with Objectif Sciences International and the Geneva Forum
on November 15th from 9am à 12pm (New York) or 3pm to 6pm (Geneva)

Women of the World is partnering with the NGO Objectif Sciences International and the Geneva Forum to advance gender equality in international projects and progress towards Sustainable Development Goal 5.

More and more organizations are placing gender equality at the heart of their international organizational projects and discourses. Multilateral spaces for negotiation and cooperation have also been invested in the issue, leading to the adoption of international agreements and a common vocabulary articulated around Sustainable Development Goal No. 5, for example, but also the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of violence and Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

However, as gender becomes a variable increasingly taken into account, particularly in the activities led by non-governmental and international organizations, what does a “feminist project” imply? How can we ensure that the values promoted are actually translated into initiatives on the ground? In other words, how can we be sure that projects in favor of gender equality are not only in their description, but also in each stage of their implementation?

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